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The Shared Dream
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The Shared Dream Freight Update/ODAM News!
22 days ago – Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 12:06:15 AM

Hey, all!

Just wanted to update everyone with a couple of pieces of information.

Shared Dream Shipping

Things are going very well on this front. All debts are paid, everything is packaged and ready to go! All we need is for the boat spots to be confirmed and The Shared Dream will be on its way across the sea. We're being told to expect it to arrive late Oct or early Nov, then our fulfillment partners will help us get everything to you guys in short order.

Now unfortunately, all we can do is wait together. Hopefully you're as excited to receive the game as we are.

What's next at ODAM?

Since production has been done for quite a while, our creative team has been busy, busy, busy! We keep marching forward to present you with new gaming goodness.

ODAM Publishing's next board game project, Age of Kingdoms, will be coming to Kickstarter on November 1st! If you've enjoyed being a part of our process, check it out, tell your friends and hopefully you'll have a great follow up to look forward to while getting your kicks out of The Shared Dream!

Age of Kingdoms will be an approachable, competitive 4x style board game that takes place in the world of Dreamscape: Laruna. A worker placement/miniature hybrid with all the awesome magic of its RPG inspiration. Development has been going on for quite a while and play-testing has been a blast, so we're excited to bring this new offering to your table,

We'll have more information on Age of Kingdoms out soon, but we wanted our backers to be the first to know what's on the horizon. 

Our next update will come with some final numbers on shipping, and more information on Age of Kingdoms.

Thanks as always!

Shipping Update!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 12:32:41 AM

Quick update today!

It's been a while, but don't worry, we've been hard at work! GenCon was a blast, PAX Unplugged is right around the corner, and of course:

The Shared Dream is getting ready to take a journey! That's right, final preparations are underway for The Shared Dream to be freighted from the manufacturer to our fulfillment centers!

It'll still take a bit of time for us to finish crossing our "t"s and dotting our "i"s, but we wanted to reach out and let you know that the manufacturing process is complete and we're finalizing the logistics of worldwide fulfillment.

We'll be sending out another update once we have everything settled and product starts to move, so stay tuned and keep dreaming!

Visit us as GenCon!
2 months ago – Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 09:36:14 PM

If you're at GenCon, stop by Booth 1654 to say hi! We are very excited to announce that we have production copys on display, so swing by and get a sneak peek at what you'll be receiving soon!  We also have a demo table set up so you can see TSD in action. For those who weren't able to make it to GenCon, well have an update showing off the goods soon!


ODAM RPG Tracking Update #2
2 months ago – Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 11:41:28 PM

Hey all,

Another update that's specific to the Of Dreams and Magic Tabletop RPG. The next update on The Shared Dream's status should come right after GenCon. 

Speaking of GenCon, come check us out at Booth 1654! Another great thing to do is follow us on Twitter (@odampublishing) or on FaceBook, especially if you want to sit down and demo The Shared Dream! 

If you added the Of Dreams and Magic RPG to your pledge, in a few minutes you will receive an email with some tracking/shipping information. 

If you already received ODAM in the mail: All you have to do is continue enjoying ODAM! Don't worry, another copy wasn't shipped out, you're just being pushed last week's information.

If you haven't already received ODAM, but your previous email had tracking or shipping info: Your tracking info hasn't changed and there were no issues with your package. You can continue checking your tracking info as normal! (Note that on some international orders, tracking information will still only display "Shipped.")

If you haven't already received ODAM and your previous email did not contain tracking or shipping info: Some packages were marked as "Shipped" prematurely but had no tracking info at all. Those packages have now been shipped, so all the ODAM RPGs are out the door. This new email will have tracking info so you can track your package. Note that the tracking info may not have updated on the USPS website yet, but your tracking number is valid and should update soon.

If you haven't already received ODAM and didn't receive any emails about shipping or tracking: No one should fit this description. If you do, please message us and we'll figure out what's what.


ODAM RPG Tracking Update/BGG GenCon 50 Preview!
3 months ago – Wed, Aug 02, 2017 at 10:52:11 PM

First, an update on the RPG shipment process.

As you can tell from the comments, some people have already received their books, which is super exciting!

Unfortunately, there's been a slight delay when it comes to tracking information. This has not affected shipping itself or adjusted our timetable whatsoever, but we'll need a few more days before we can update the tracking info. The bright side of this delay is that all tracking information will be going out at once.

The second order of business is the BoardGameGeek's GenCon 50 Preview Tool! This tool lists new games that will be making an appearance at GenCon and includes a ton of useful information (like what booth the game will be in, if demos are available, etc.)

If you have a BoardGameGeek account, it'd be great if you checked out the below link and gave it a "Thumbs Up!" This will help us let people know that ODAM and The Shared Dream will be at GenCon, and where it can be found.

Speaking of GenCon, can you believe it's only a couple of weeks away? We definitely can't! If you're heading to GenCon, be sure to stop by Booth 1654 and say hi!